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Who are we? Sir Plus B.V. was founded in the summer of 2023 by Mart Vloet and Bram Roels. After having worked together for several years the pair decided to team up and start a wholesale company, Sir Plus B.V., in the picturesque town of Lage Mierde.

Mart is a Jack of many trades that grew an interest in working in business when he was just a high school boy. Instead of attending classes and making homework, Mart decided to skip class and started working for a garden equipment manufacturer in the area. After graphic school he enrolled in the military and eventually worked as an account manager for a technical wholesale company. From 1996 onwards Mart also ran a business in special custom made adhesive labels for large manufacturers such as Bolsius candles. Apart from providing special labels, many clients have also been supported with logistical issues, product fulfilment and process optimization. Through the years Mart has built a strong reputation and has proven to be a reliable (logistical) service provider.

From a young age Bram was always interested in trade. As a toddler Bram was always outside, riding around on his miniature tractor with trailer, going door-to-door trying to sell anything from flower bulbs to matches. During high school he had several summer jobs, in wholesale companies, through which the interest in international business grew more. With some money in his pocket Bram started his own business buying and selling exclusive Nike and mostly Air Jordan sneakers. What started as a trial of buying 2 extra pairs of Nike Air Max 1 from the US ended up as a ‘serious business’ selling close to a 100 of pairs a month to sneaker fans all over the world, and even sneaker shops.
After having finished his bachelor’s and master’s degree, which felt like decades, Bram’s first official job was working as a project manager for a company, selling consumer products on several online platforms such as Amazon. After a couple months Bram realized he was more interested in selling full trucks rather than selling individual pieces, and decided it was time for a new adventure. A couple years down the road, having gained lots of international experience working for an international wholesale company and having become a father of 2 healthy and beautiful sons it was time for yet another adventure that would fulfil a long-held ambition; to start a business and build a legacy.